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AntMiner S9 Features


  • BM1387 16nm chip technology
  • Hash Rate: 13500 +/- 5%
  • Power Consumption: 1380W (at the wall)
  • Power Efficiency: 0.098J/GH (at the wall)
  • Chip Quantity per unit: 189 x BM1387
  • Chip process: 16nm
  • Quantity of hash boards: 3
  • Hash board structure: String design
  • PSU built-in: 1600W (110V - 240V AC)
  • Dimensions: 13.75" long x 5" wide x 6.5" high
  • Weight: 12.1lbs (5.5kg)
  • Certified By: FCC / CE


  • The optional PSU cannot be used in countries with power voltage lower than 110V. The PSU will not start below this voltage.
  • The PSU is custom designed and manufactured for the Antminer S9 and features standard 6 pin connectors. It eliminates known issues with third-party PSUs.
  • The Antminer S9 requires minimum maintenance.
  • There is no LED screen or on/off button. Each unit can be easily configured via the setup console. Instructions included.

AntMiner Advantage

Quiet: AntMiner uses the most power effective mining chips in the world and features a smart fan that runs quietly and smoothly.

Modular: AntMiner lets you build up your hashing power in small steps, making expansion easier and more affordable.

Stand Alone: AntMiner operates independently and does not require a computer or controller to function. Just hook it up to a power supply unit start hashing.

AntMiner Reliability

Stable: AntMiner mines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without human intervention or manual reboot.

Accurate: AntMiner's hardware error rate (as low as 0.3%) is the best in the industry if not the world.

Distributed: If one AntMiner goes down, the rest will continue hashing, minimizing impact of failure.

30 Day Warranty: If your Antminer is damaged during delivery or during the warranty period, we'll replace it through our Quick Exchange program.